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Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) Game Rules - How to Play OFC

Open-face Chinese poker - Gpedia, Your Encyclopedia Open-face Chinese poker is typically played as a two- to three-person game, though it can also be played with four people.See fouling for more details. To win rows, your hand ranking must be higher than your opponents' in that same row, for example Open-Face Chinese Poker Rules & Strategy - PokerVIP Origins and rules of Open-Face Chinese Poker. Learn how to play this increasingly popular poker variation, from the basic rules to some strategic advice on how to gain an edge over your opposition.

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Online Poker | Play Free Online Poker | Poker Online - TonyBet Pineapple Open Face Chinese poker, the most popular OFC variation is derived from the standard OFC featuring Fantasy Land. Just as in regular Open Face Chinese poker, players get several cards in turns, and place them face-up before setting a 13-card hand, consisting of the top, middle, and bottom rows, of three, five, and five cards, respectively.

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Rules of Open Face Chinese Poker Hand Ranking for OFC. The ranking for the 5 card hands is the same as for regular poker. Namely the ranks from lowest to highest are: High card, Pair, 2 Pair, 3 of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush, Royal Flush. The ranking for the 3 card hand is simply: High Card, Pair, 3 of a kind. Open Face Chinese • SwC Poker • Bitcoin Online Poker Open Face Chinese (OFC) is a variant of Chinese Poker. Each player is dealt 13 cards with the goal of arranging these cards on a layout to form 3 different poker hands. Unlike traditional Chinese, these cards are not dealt simultaneously, and players must place additional cards as they are dealt in turn. Open Face Chinese Gameplay

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